Founder's Message

A Nation's growth lies in the development of human resources. The vision of the President of India is to have our youth imbued with clear cut objectives. He stressed the need to "Catch them young and encourage to think and dream big ". This will definitely make India a "Knowledge super power" in the future.

Our Kanchi Sri Kamatchi Amman Teacher Training Institute fashions its vision and mission on the above lines and will ultimately see that all our students contribute to the total quality improvement of the globe in general and our Nation in particular.

With a benevolent management possessing a missionary zeal and supported by a band of committed and spirited faculty. Kanchi Sri Kamatchi Amman Teacher Training Institute will by all means realize its cherished objectives.

Thus the destination of every aspiring student shall be only Kanchi Sri Kamatchi Amman Teacher Training Institute for assured progress and prosperity.

Mrs.R.Vijayalakshmi M.Sc, B.Ed, D.C.A

Prof. Ms. Mala M.A, M.Phil,
Chairperson, Tagore Group of Institutions

Mr.V.Ravi Kumar B.A
Kanchi Sri Kamatchi Amman Teacher Training Institute

Advisor's Message

"To create unlimited opportunities for everyone to compete, conquer and contribute to the National development".

In the current global scenario our institution has committed itself to the task of creating highly competent teachers. This being our primary objective, we impart high quality education by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities in an impeccable, conducive and student-friendly campus atmosphere.

We firmly believe in the philosophy that the future technocrats need to be trained in the following areas

:: Good communication skills
:: Exposure to current technology
:: Understanding the knowledge economy
:: Personality development
:: Good citizenship with a sense of right values

KANCHI SRI KAMATCHI AMMAN TEACHER TRAINING INSTITUE is committed to the general task of developing and introducing competent world-class teachers, which will then be able to serve humanity better.

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